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Store update


Hey everyone, check out our book D is for Dragon, which is now for sale at Guardian Games and Red Castle Games in Portland OR.

There’s $2 off the sticker price if you contact us by Monday! Feel free to message me on here or send an email to nbeachhart@hotmail.com

You can also reach us through the following sites:

thehearthside.blogspot.com (Nathaniel’s blog)

Kickstarter page



The “D is for Dragon” kickstarter received the necessary funding early today, and I’m completely overjoyed and at a loss for words other than: THANK YOU! Seriously, thanks to our fantastic backers, supporters, and everyone who cheered us on along the way.

There’s still five hours left in the campaign if you’d like to chip in!

…Pictured above, a grim portent of things to come!

“Horror” concept art


A concept sketch of the Elder-Horror-Thing.

Help us to make ‘D is for Dragon’ on our kickstarter page!