Comic book designs


Character designs for The Justiceer and Time Lass.

I drew these for my friend’s final project which he is writing for Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel writing course at Portland State. I will be drawing the interior of the book as well. More to come! :)


sketchpage1 sketchpage2

Some unshopped pics of the work in progress stuff I put up a bit ago.

These are six tried and true fantasy RPG¬†classes in a sci-fi or cyberpunk style. From top left to bottom right: Fighter/Mercenary, Rouge/Datathief, Ranger/Operative, Mage/Psionic, Cleric/Sentinel, Sanctioned Arcanist/Warlock. The last one overlaps the most classes, but they’re basically supposed to be the necromancer, summoner, assumed “dark/unstable” magic caster.

Oh, and I realize the Fighter’s knife grip knuckle duster thing¬†is way out of scale and doesn’t make any sense. ;)

These were the best of the pics I took, I’ll have more of the second row to show later.

Finished pencils

Spikes_finishedpencils2Spikes_finishedpencilswide2Here’s the finished lines and a wider-angle scan so you can see more of the background. I’ll probably color this digitally and/or project it onto some illustration board for painting.