The “D is for Dragon” kickstarter received the necessary funding early today, and I’m completely overjoyed and at a loss for words other than: THANK YOU! Seriously, thanks to our fantastic backers, supporters, and everyone who cheered us on along the way.

There’s still five hours left in the campaign if you’d like to chip in!

…Pictured above, a grim portent of things to come!

$280 left to go!

Dragon titlebanner_webDDpage spread1_webDDpage spread2_webKobold painted_webLair painted_web

treasure inked_webThere’s only 54 hours left in our ‘D is for Dragon’ kickstarter campaign, but thanks to our amazing supporters, we’re only $280 away from successful funding! Reblog, share the info, and please consider making a contribution to the ‘D is for Dragon’ project at our kickstarter page below!

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed and cheered us on so far. Let’s keep it up, we’re so close!!

$555 left to go!

treasure inked_web

2 and half days left but only $555 away from being funded! This is crunch time, so please share, reblog, and support us on our kickstater page!

The funding rush continues!

treasure inked_web

The funding rush continues! Our ‘D is for Dragon’ kickstarter campaign is now just $655 shy of success! There’s only about 3 and a half days to go, but with all you awesome folks helping out we can make this great thing happen.

(Also, here’s a new paladin and some high-level treasure!)

I can’t thank our supporters enough for getting us this far!

Keep spreading the good word, and be sure to visit our kickstarter page below.

We’re within reach of our goal!

Dragon page spreads_webelf_webDDpage6new_web

Due to a generous surge in funding for our kickstarter campaign, we are suddenly less than $1,500 away from success! We have less than a week to go, but with people continuing to chip in we can absolutely make it to our goal!

Please share and spread the word, and visit our kickstarter page.

One week left in our kickstarter!


There’s only a week left in our D is for Dragon kickstarter campaign! Please spread the word and support us on our kickstarter page.

“Horror” concept art


A concept sketch of the Elder-Horror-Thing.

Help us to make ‘D is for Dragon’ on our kickstarter page!

The story thus far…



We’re at the halfway mark for the ‘D is for Dragon’ kickstarter, thanks so much to everyone supporting us and spreading the word! Here’s some of the finished pages all together.

Find out more at the link below.

Kobold/Lair completed!

kobold&lair painted_webKobold painted_webLair painted_webkoboldpage section1_webkoboldpage section2_weblair sections1_webLair section2_web

Double page spread for “Kobold” and “Lair”, digitally merged with details.

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Lair, painted.

Lair painted_webkobold king_weblair sections1_webLair section2_web

…And here’s the painted version.Support the ‘D is for Dragon’ storybook project on our kickstarter page!

Lair, inked.

Lair ink_web

The kobold lair is inked!

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